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Ama La Vida helps you in your continuing journey so that you can become a better person and have fun in your life to all the limits. Clients come rom different places and background but there is one similarity among all.

Personal Life Coaching

That is their thirst to always improve themselves and become better. They want understanding and supportive people around themselves.

Career Building

So that they can gain a helping hand to fulfill their dreams and wishes. This also helps you become open towards the idea about life to think beyond horizons.

Services we offer

The process

We use proven training methods and develop training curricula related to our platform of eCoaching for providing a support to the client in all their associated tasks with us. This approach of hybrid of individual training times and the models in our software makes sure that you and your trainer are together for long time and make training more feasible and focused on results than in the past.


Although the procedures and systematic programs are evidential, we know that each person is different, and your training experience will vary from other person as well. This is called a framework of freedom. This provides accountability and structure to the system and is set in previous experiential years.


This is an effective tool for companies and its workers as it enhances the clarity and also produces some positive changes. That is why training is taking lead in terms of fame. It is not easy to understand the standard and performances of the trainers.

Our Latest Blogs

Personal growth: advice from the life coach

I saw death up close because as a boy I tried several times to take my life. Bad experiences, of course, but I think we can also learn from them for our personal growth. Indeed, especially from them.

Having suffered so much, not because of others but because of my own responsibility, and knowing what it means, I feel that my mission is to help those in need. Help him overcome obstacles while suffering as little as possible. With Alfacoaching, a formidable tool for personal growth.

We can change. And not necessarily after a long and tiring therapy, but also in a very short time. Sometimes in an instant. We can do it, if we really believe it. It is my philosophy, and the one on which all my personal growth books are based. One of my best-sellers, “You can!” expresses this concept even in the title.

Take full responsibility for your life. If you think that others are always to blame, you will be totally unmotivated. Because you will think that it is useless to get busy: so much does not depend on you, but on others.

Listen to everyone, especially the people who care about you. But decide for yourself. No one can know what is right for you and what warms your heart except yourself

What if you put a ‘coach’ in your life?

Faced with a new challenge, it is difficult not to doubt. Little or a lot, but something always escapes our control. Will I be able to? Am I risking too much? Am I wrong? We always have a friend on hand who slaps us to ingratiate ourselves with our ideas and make sure everything will go well. But this is not always the case, and in the end, all we get is a disservice. To obtain an objective, distanced opinion, there are the ‘coaches’, experts in giving a professional point of support to your need for change, to advance in some sense or to fulfill a goal, whatever its nature. Because not only for senior executives who seek to make a leap from one multinational to another is the personal trainer designed. From housewives to workers with very different goals resort to this service.

Inés C. is an example. The owner of a small local business, she went to therapy years ago to overcome her sickly shyness. An attitude that did not favor anything in business. Until one day, they told him about the possibility of hiring a ‘coach.’ In four sessions, she felt more progress than in two years of therapy: she had managed to throw a great party where she would do the business of her life. This example is one of those that José Miguel Gil, president of Asesco (Spanish Association of Coaching), likes to tell to tell what is and, above all, what is not her job. We do not look back. We neither diagnose nor advise—we startup. We are the fulcrum of the action. Without it, there is no ‘coaching,'” affirms the representative of Asesco, and with this clarifies the basic difference with the therapy that a psychologist can offer. Although in your case, it is too.

How is this relationship? Personal trainers go through consultation like any other professional and, in the first, perform a 360º check of the person. Although the objective that you put on the table is usually related to professional life, personal life is also the object of study. “They are linked areas, and one influences the other”, Gil points out. The reasons why you come to the consultation are many: change jobs, open a new company, rethink your schedules, increase your productivity, be less tired, learn to delegate, find the motivation that allows you to be happy with your approach again vital. Or regain confidence after a period of professional decline.

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