I saw death up close because as a boy I tried several times to take my life. Bad experiences, of course, but I think we can also learn from them for our personal growth. Indeed, especially from them.

Having suffered so much, not because of others but because of my own responsibility, and knowing what it means, I feel that my mission is to help those in need. Help him overcome obstacles while suffering as little as possible. With Alfacoaching, a formidable tool for personal growth.

We can change. And not necessarily after a long and tiring therapy, but also in a very short time. Sometimes in an instant. We can do it, if we really believe it. It is my philosophy, and the one on which all my personal growth books are based. One of my best-sellers, “You can!” expresses this concept even in the title.

Take full responsibility for your life. If you think that others are always to blame, you will be totally unmotivated. Because you will think that it is useless to get busy: so much does not depend on you, but on others.

Listen to everyone, especially the people who care about you. But decide for yourself. No one can know what is right for you and what warms your heart except yourself